Smart Games Management

Installation of the world‘s top 100 games on hundreds of computers can be a daunting task. 

Not only do you have to manage the installation of terabytes but also prepare for the work that starts after installation. Thats when the flood of  game updates  threatening to congest the  network starts. 

Gigabytes of game updates seem to appear from nowhere disrupting the entertainment experience customers have paid for. Customers are unable to launch games and find themselves having to wait until updates have completed.

Smartlaunch is certainly a smarter choice when it comes to games management.

Smartlaunch has developed a powerful software for distributed storage on computers, called SmartDisk. With SmartDisk, you install or update games on any computer, regardless of whether the other computers are being used by customers, and all computers get updated. There is no downtime for updating work and no latency when games are running. Savings in updating time and bandwidth consumption are a whopping 99% for a venue with 100 computers.  Smartdisk is an amazing software that not only saves time and effort, but also creates a seamless experience for both staff and customers. 

The magic does not stop there. Distributed license management is yet another area of esports venue management where Smartlaunch excels. Game licenses are valuable digital assets that Smartlaunch stores securely for a venue, and distributes to users when they launch games. If your venue owns 10 game licenses of a game, 10 users at any of the venue’s 100 computers will be able to launch the game simultaneously. When demand increases and more than 10 users want to play the game simultaneously, Smartlaunch will prompt you to acquire additional game licenses. Game usage and revenues are thus maximized from game licenses. 


The working environment at an esports venues  goes hand in hand with the customers’ entertainment experience. One of Smartlaunch’s primary goal is to make life easier for the staff at esports venues.

SmartDisk is a game-changer for venues and a relief to staff stretched to the limits by work with game installation and updates.

Get Ahead Of The Game

At Smartlaunch, we believe that a positive customer experience is closely tied to the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. That’s why we have developed world-class management software to streamline your team’s workflows and improve your customers’ entertainment experience.