Billing and Pricing Options

Basic Pricing

Use a simple pricing structure as an hourly rate and a start-up charge to the account. You can also set a minimum charge limit.

Advanced Pricing

The possibilities with the advanced pricing are almost limitless. You can, for instance, reduce the price when you have reached 300 minutes or grant the customer the fourth hour for free.These price possibilities are also available in prepaid time mode. You can have a different price for a weekday and weekend.
Basic Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Create any type of pricing structure suited to your store. Differentiate prices between peak and off-peak or give customers with a membership a reduced price compared to walk-in customers. You can also set a minimum charge limit.

Prepaid Time

Create a user account for your customers and load it with prepaid time. Set different prices depending on membership type.

Prepaid Tickets

Generate a prepaid ticket to contain either time or an offer. Each prepaid ticket has a username and a password to be entered at the Smartlaunch Client.

Generate Multiple Tickets

Create an unlimited number of tickets in advance for sale at any time. Each ticket is equipped with a barcode used to scan the ticket when you sell it to a customer.

Day/Night/Tournament packs

You can create day or night packs where the customer can pay an “x” amount and play all day or all night. You can have tournament packs which are valid for the duration of a particular tournament.

Credit Limit

When customers have an account used for Play & Pay you can set an individual or group based credit limit. If a customer reaches the credit limit they will get logged out and he/she will not be able to use the account until the account is recharged.

“Time of Day” Pricing

A lot of entertainment centers have different prices depending on the time of day. For instance, with Smartlaunch you can reduce the price by 20% between 10 AM and 2 PM and raise the price Friday and Saturday evening. These price possibilities are also available in prepaid time mode.

“Play & Pay” Pricing

A user account can have prepaid time, but you can also choose to use it as a Play & Pay account. Charge time and products as you play and pay when you leave the store.

End Session Options

When a customer is finished you can choose individually what should be done with any remaining balance. For instance, you can choose to save the money for the next session.