Engage and Educate with Esports

Esports is an effective way to enhance the classroom curriculum, engage students and foster inclusivity. 

Esports helps children build skills for their future careers. The complexity of video games and esports encourage the use of critical and strategic thinking skills to keep an eye on challenges.

Children spending time on esports are more attentive in the classroom and exhibit fewer challenging behaviors. 

They are absent less frequently as they do not want to miss team gatherings and matches. 

They learn to arrive before an event begins, and the importance of being on time.

Students are increasingly joining esports communities to cooperate, connect, and engage with other similar-minded peers.

Esports is known for being inclusive to anyone regardless of gender, age, and physical strength.

But how do schools get started with esports in an envirornment where teachers and students feel safe? 

Questions like this have formed the development of Smartlaunch for more than a decade and resulted in the security features, Smartlaunch is known for.