Getting Started

Management Tools

Center management becomes a breeze with a simple point and click interface that is easy to use but very powerful in functionality, with little time required for training and administration.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

With the increase of home gaming, it’s more important than ever for game centers to focus on customer experience. Smartlaunch delivers a host of powerful features to make it easier to deliver amazing customer service.

1-Click Multi PC Installation

Auto login scripts for Origin and Battlenet are now provided in addition to Smartlaunch’s long time support of Steam

Games Management

The long awaited Game Loader and Auto Patcher automates patching of games on every client machine, thus eliminates the administration work of installing new game patches on individual machines.

eSports Tournament Management

Smartlaunch eSports 5.0 introduces a wide range of tools for organization of local eSports tournaments and participation in international competitions. Features include popular game statistics, results, automated standings, player rankings and individual profiles for players and teams.

Cloud Computing Platform and Services

Setup wifi hotspots, configure diskless clients and map web services in a snap with advanced network configuration options to boost store performance and customize to your every need.

Billing & Pricing Options

Smartlaunch supports every imaginable pricing structure by allowing customization of pricing models and advanced quantity discounts, including off-peak and peak prices, offers, prepaid tickets, and much more.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Smartlaunch offers comprehensive financial reporting functionality. Generate a variety of different statistical reports, including product sales rapports, application usage rapports, employee statistics etc. This feature can help you allocate resources and optimize your business.

Virtual Reality

The Administrator can track all PCs where customers can play virtual reality based games as easily as any other gaming station.


Smartlaunch supports all existing diskless PC platforms and makes it very easy for Center owners to integrate the diskless platform with Smartlaunch Gaming Center Management System.

Wifi Hotspot

Smartlaunch gives the eSports Centers control over providing free or paid Wifi access to their customers.

Startup an eSports center