General Preferences

General Preferences

From Utilities->Preferences you can change all the different options related to the Smartlaunch Administrator.

1. Connection

The purpose of this setting is to setup Server IP and Admin ID of the Administrator, this is how Administrator would able to connect to the correct Server.

  • Server IP
    The IP address of the computer running the Smartlaunch Server application.
  • Admin ID
    If you are running with more than one Smartlaunch Administrator you need to specify different IDs on each Administrator.
  • You can also specify whether the Administrator should run a check for updates each time you connect to the Smartlaunch Server.

2. Alerts

The purpose of Alerts is to give options for the Administrator on your store to be able to receive a notification when the action occurs.

There are 3 options available:

  • Stock limit reached
    Smartlaunch will send an email when a product under stock control has reached the limit you have specified.
  • Un-authorized client disconnection
    If a client computer somehow gets disconnected or closed unproperly – for instance if the cable gets unplugged or the application is closed from the task manager.
  • Idle
    If you leave the Administrator for a specified number of minutes the Administrator will log out.

3. Miscellaneous

  • Tip of The Day
    Decide whether you want a tip of the day displayed when you log in.
  • Time bars
    Choose if you want a graphical bar display on the computers in the graphical overview when they have less than one hour left.
  • Default computer group
    Specify the layout group you want to have as the default computer lay out group.
  • Language
    The Smartlaunch Administrator Language.
  • Default Share
    Used in the Distribute Folder utility. This should be the same share on all your client computers as it is used to access the harddrive.

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