How to always run Smartlaunch as Administrator in Windows 8

How to always run Smartlaunch as Administrator in Windows 8


If you’re using Smartlaunch, it is recommended that you run it using Administrator privileges, with Windows UAC disabled. However, on Windows 8, even though you are logged in as an Administrator, that doesn’t mean every application that you run will be run as Administrator. Please see the screenshot below.

The one on the left is when you right-click Smartlaunch Server on Windows Explorer, and the one on the right is when you right-click the shortcut of Smartlaunch Server on Start Menu. Both of them shows how to run Smartlaunch Server as administrator.

Doesn’t that kind of tiring when every time you want to run Smartlaunch, you have to right-click and choose Run as administrator? Yes. Exacty. (Unless you don’t care and you just run Smartlaunch as it is).

Step by step on how to always run Smartlaunch Server as administrator:

1. Go to Smartlaunch Server installation directory (normally it’s in C:Program Files (x86)SmartlaunchSmartlaunch

2. Right-click on Server.exe, choose Troubleshoot compatibility

3. After Windows finished Detecting issue, select Troubleshoot program.

4. Check the The program requires additional permissions, then click Next

5. Click Test the program… (it is required), and then click Next

6. Select Yes, save these settings for this program.

7. After Windows finished Saving settings, you may close the window.

8. Done. Now your Smartlaunch Server will always be run as administrator

Those steps above can be applied on any of Windows application that you have.

However, if you ever found any other difficulties or you need assistance, please contact our support here.

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