How to get the Beta and Release version of Smartlaunch

How to get the Beta and Release version of Smartlaunch

We operate with 2 different branches of Smartlaunch.

Release – The latest stable version of Smartlaunch which most customers use.
Beta – The branch where we test the newest updates before we put them in ‘Release’. We usually have 10-50 customers using that one.

You are free to change to the beta branch of Smartlaunch if you want. We have many centers running with it, but of course there is a little risk that we might release an update that might break something (we’ll be quick to fix it though because we can release updates immediately to the beta branch). So we only recommend that you do this if you have a good technical understanding, and make regular backups.

If you want to switch to the beta you should do the following:

1. Shutdown the server.
2. Navigate to the Server\Data\Inf directory and open the Server.inf file in notepad. Typically C:\Program Files\Smartlaunch\Server\Data\Inf\Server.inf.
3. Find the line: “CheckForUpdatesType=Release” and change it to: “CheckForUpdatesType=Beta“.
4. Save the file.
5. Start the server and download the new updates when it asks.


Before doing this switch though, make a backup of the entire server directory in case you want to go back. You cannot just change the “CheckForUpdatesType” back to “Release” as then you would have an updated database and an older version of the server, and they might be incompatible depending on the changes we made. So to go back to the release version, delete the server directory and replace it with the backup you took before changing.

How to Upgrade from Beta to Release Version

  1. Make sure that now you are using “Beta” version. Check your Smartlaunch current branch and version:In your PC where the Smartlaunch Server is installed, please open the Server.inf file in this folder: C:\Program Files\Smartlaunch\Server\Data\InfFind the word “CheckForUpdatesType=”You will know the Smartlaunch branch that currently being used. (Alpha / Beta / Release)To check your Smartlaunch version, please run your Smartlaunch Server -> click on “Updates” tab. You will get information about the version of your Smartlaunch Server, Administrator, and Clients.
  2. Open Server.inf file in folder: C:\Program Files\Smartlaunch\Server\Data\Inf
  3. Find the word “CheckForUpdatesType=”
  4. Change the “Beta” to “Release”
  5. Restart your Smartlaunch Server

Database issues when downgrading to Release:

In certain cases, the Smartlaunch Database has been upgraded in the latest beta. You may experience that this causes your downgrade to a release to not work. If this is the case, please use the database backup which you created when upgrading to the Beta version.

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