How to Rollback Smartlaunch to the previous version

Rollback Smartlaunch Version

Smartlaunch version is increased all the time every time we released a new version. Important thing that you might not notice is that once the new released version is downloaded and applied in your Smartlaunch the system will automatically created a backup of the previous version and stored all those EXE files of Smartlaunch Server, Administrator, and Client in the Old Release folder, as default this folder located in: [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]\Server\Data\Files\Old Releases. 
It means you always have your previous version of Smartlaunch before you decide to use the new version.

The purpose of rollback is that in case in the future for certain reasons you need to use the previous version you can get it back easily from Old Release folder.

How to rollback Smartlaunch

Please follow steps below to rollback your Smartlaunch Server, Administrator, Client:

 1. Check your current version of Smartlaunch from Server >> Update. If your Smartlaunch is running please close it.


2. Please open Windows Explorer and go to  [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]. It is normally located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Smartlaunch 4.7\Server\Data\Files\Old Releases. Here you can see there are few folders grouped by date (yyyy-mm-dd)



3. Copy the Server.exe to [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]\Server
4. Copy the Admin.exe to [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]\Server\Data\Files\Administrator
5. Copy the Client.exe to [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]\Server\Data\Files\Client
6. Open Smartlaunch Server and run it. You will get a new update notification in a pop up message, please ignore it and click on Remind Me Later button

7. Open Smartlaunch Server and make sure you got the previous version.

How to rollback Smartlaunch database and Server.inf

You still able to use your current database but in case you also want to use the previous database please follow steps below:

1. Please open Windows Explorer and go to go to [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]\Server\Data\DB\Backup (normally located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Smartlaunch 4.7\Server\Data\DB\Backup)

2. Inside this Backup folder you can see there are many database in zip file, named by date (yyyymmdd_hhmmss)
3. Choose and extract database
4. Copy the Smartlaunch.mdb to [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]\Server\Data\DB to replace the current database
5. Copy the Smartlaunch.inf to [Smartlaunch-Server-installation-directory]\Server\Data\Inf to replace the current database

If you have any issue or question about rollback please contact [email protected]

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