How to use a Magnetic Card to Login a user

One of the features of Smartlaunch is the capability to use Magnetic Card Reader for some functionality such as Membership Card.

Setup Magnetic Card in SL Administrator

As below are some steps to setup a magnetic card for Login User

How to set an associate card for each user?

  1. From your SL Admin click on User Account button to display list of Users
  2. Choose one of the user account to displayed User Account Details Form for specific user
  3. Click on menu Account >> Assign Card
  4. Swipe the card

How to Login User with an associate card?

  1. From your SL Admin click on User Account button to display list of Users
  2. Swipe your card
  3. Click on User Account button to focus on it
  4. Click Enter for Login User
  5. System will check the ower of the card and displayed the User Account Details Form

Setup Magnetic Card in SL Server

To setup magnetic card in SL Admin, kindly please read our guide here.

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