Introduction to the Smartlaunch Client

Introduction to the Smartlaunch Client

The Smartlaunch Client is your visual appearence in your cyber cafe. It is the interface and menu system your customers sees and uses when they visit your cafe. If you havn’t installed the Smartlaunch Client yet, we recommend you read the Installation Guide first. This guide does also have information on the basic settings you need to make.

Getting Familiar with the Interface

If you have followed the installation guide you should by now have a working Smartlaunch Client installed on once of your client computers. As you will notice, the Smartlaunch Client will startup automatically when your computer has booted.

You and your customers will be presented of the Smartlaunch login screen.

Try to login using a new user account. If you haven’t created any new user accounts yet read this to learn how to create a new user account.

  1. Type the name of the user account.
  2. Press Login.
  3. Your customer will be presented of the screen where your customer needs to enter his or her personal details. You can always choose what fields your customers need to enter in the server settings.

4. The customer will now enter his/her personal details.
5. Click OK.
6. The Smartlaunch Client will continue to load and present the customer of the
welcome screen.

Launching Games and Programs

All games and programs are sorted into descriptive categories placed in the menu bar just below the title.

All menus in the Smartlaunch Client is customizable, which is done in the Smartlaunch Server. Once a customer has chosen a game details about the game will be shown in the main window. To start the game, your customer only needs to press the button called Start.

Your customers can always see how many who is playing the game – either in the menu or just below the Start button.

General Tips

There are some small tips which are very useful when you browse around the Smartlaunch Client:

  • You can always click Home to make the Smartlaunch Interfaceappear.
  • Customers can always view hoe much time they have used/left in the taskbar.
  • Alt-Tab is functional as long as it isn’t disabled in the security settings.
  • Pressing Logout will close all programs and logout the client.


Please see our screen cast below about How to install Smartlaunch Client.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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