Introduction to the Smartlaunch Server

Introduction to the Smartlaunch Server

The Smartlaunch Server is the module of Smartlaunch which controls both the  Client and Administrator computers. The Smartlaunch runs silently in the background, the only time you need to activate the Server is when you need to alter settings in your cyber cafe.

The Smartlaunch Server

Once you have installed the Smartlaunch Server on your server computer you can launch it directly from the shortcut on the desktop. As soon as the server has completed the loading process it will appear in the system tray in the lower right corner of your screen.

If you double-click the orange Smartlaunch icon, the Server will popup.

  • General
    Shows some general information about the server such asIP address and up time.
  • Connections
    The actual numbers of concurrent connections, both clients and administrators.
  • Updates
    View the current version of your installation. To check/receive the latest updates press the button called Check for Updates.

Unlocking the Smartlaunch Server

To get access to the central part in the Smartlaunch Server you need to press the button called Unlock. This will bring up the following screen prompting you for a username and password.

If this is the first time you try to enter the Smartlaunch Server Settings the standard username and password is admin/admin. We recommend, that you delete/change this account to avoid any un-authorized access to the server.

When your username and password has been accepted, two more buttons will be useable – Shutdown and Settings.

Entering the Smartlaunch Server Settings

Shutting Down the Smartlaunch Server

  1. Unlock the server as described above.
  2. Press Close.
  3. When you get prompted, answer Yes yo close the server.

If you close the server, any connected client will continue to run. This is useful if you for some reason need to restart the Smartlaunch Server during rush hour.

Getting Started Using the Smartlaunch Server

At this point you have completed the installation guide, where you have set up some of the most basic settings. Some of the things you have not configured yet is important settings such as all the games and programs in your cafe.

We have created a guide which helps you through the process of creating everything you need including License Managementand Personal User Files setup.

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