Product Sales using the Smartlaunch Cashier

Product Sales using the Smartlaunch Cashier

Selling Products to Customers without Accounts

Sometimes you just want to sell a product to a walk-in customer who doesn’t want to use a computer in your store.

Go to Admin >> Product Sales at top:

You will now see the cashier window, like below:

This window can sell products, offers, and prepaid tickets with ease.

(You can also choose the usergroup for different prices based on membership)

Choose the product on the left >> enter quantity >> Add to the payment window on the right:

From here, you can enter the exact amount received – even if over the amount – and change will be displayed

Now optionally click Print Receipt >> Pay to finish.

Selling tickets

( Detaled version @ Creating and Selling Prepaid Tickets: )

You can also sell tickets via the bottom-left button Prepaid Tickets tab:

If you are familiar with selling products, tickets should feel easy —

Click Prepaid Tickets >> Select ticket group >> Select ticket to sell >> Add

Printing the receipt will look like this (below):

Using the Barcode Scanner

If you have POS functionality, which includes a barcode scanner, you can add products with a barcode very easily:

 Before you can scan a barcode at the Administrator you need to associate your products with a barcode, which is done in the @ Server >> Product Settings:

When you associate a barcode with a product, you can then scan the item from the Administrator interface,


You can’t have any windows open except the Product Sales window.

If the Product Sales window isn’t open when you scan the product, it will automatically popup once the product has been scanned correctly.

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