Selling Products and Offers

Selling Products and Offers

A major part of Smartlaunch is the way you can handle products and offers and how you easily can add them to a customer session. If you have purchased the whole POS setup including a barcode scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer we recommend, that you read our POS setup guide first.

Adding Products/Offers

Adding a product or offer to a user account is done in a few simple steps. It is possible to do this from either the (graphical) overview or the user account screen. It depends on whether the account you want to add the product to is logged in or not.

The (Graphical) Overview

1. Find the computer where the customer sits

2. Right-click the computer and choose Current User. Locate the Add product / Offermenu item

3. Press the menu item and the Cashier will popup – a window you have seen before, as it is used to add everything to a user/guest account.

4. After you have chosen the product or offer you need to specify how many etc. The product and offer details is shown below:

5. You need to specify how many items of the product you want to add the user/guest account and if you want to change the price of the product, by specifying a custom price in the field. When you are finished choosing these options, press Add.

6. As you notice, there are some more options to take care of when adding an offer to a user/guest account. Depending on the type of offer you need to chose what time the offer should be valid – this is only required in certain types of offers – in this case for instance – a night gib, which is held every friday or saturday night from 1 AM. Press the Add to add it to the current bill.

7. Verify the bill on the right side of the screen and finish the cashier by choosing payment method and pressing the Pay button.

There are several shortcuts which make it easier and quicker to add time:

F1: 1 hour
F2: ½ hour
F3: 15 minutes
F4: 1 minute
Ctrl+R or Numlock 0: Reset the time

You can also use Numlock 1-9 to instantly add 1-9 hours to the selected user accounts.

If you press enter it will add the time and close the window.

The User Account Screen

There no a big different between adding products or offers from this screen than the other two overviews. By doing it this way you need to locate the user account by entering the user name in the search field in the top of the Smartlaunch Administrator.

Using Drag ‘n Drop to Sell Products

You can also sell products by dragging a product to the customer using the Drag ‘n Drop menu on the right of the Smartlaunch Administrator.

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