Server Startup Error: More than one active session

Server Startup Error: More than one active session


You get an error when you start the SL server saying something about a user having more than one active session.


Unknown at this time.


The easiest way to fix this is to “roll back” to a backup of the server database. A backup is created every time the server is started, so you need one from the last time the server was started without issues, but this does mean that any data changed since the backup was created will be lost. This includes user account changes, purchasing and all financial data.

The server’s database can be found in the server installation directory and “\Data\DB\”. The name of the file is called “Smartlaunch.mdb”. Also in the folder should be a “backup” subfolder containing a number of backup databases. To use one of these instead of your current database you need to first shut down the SL server if it’s running, then copy the desired backup database from here to the parent folder and rename it to “Smartlaunch.mdb” (remember that you need to either rename or delete the original database file first). Now start the server again and, assuming the backup database was created before the issue started, everything should be back to normal.


This solution requires some knowledge of and access to Microsoft Access.
If you don’t want to roll back to a database backup you can fix the problem by editing the database and removing all financial data for the “offending” user. This will effectively remove the money and time on his account but just for that user.

Start by closing the server and open the database in Access. Now create a new query and run it against the database:

SELECT UserID, COUNT(UserID) FROM FinancialSessions WHERE Active = True GROUP BY UserID HAVING COUNT(UserID) > 1

This will find the user IDs of all offending users. Now you need to run another query, per user found, that will delete all active sessions for that user:

DELETE FROM FinancialSessions WHERE Active = True AND UserID = xxxxxx

After you’ve done this for all offending users the database should be fixed and the server should no longer report any errors.

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