Starting Smartlaunch in Vista or Windows 7 Fails

If Smartlaunch fails to start in Vista or Windows 7, or you receive a security or permission related exception when running the program, 9 times out of 10 it’s because either:

  1. Windows UAC is not turned off (User Account Control)
  2. Flash 9 is missing (usually Flash 10 is installed instead)

Windows UAC not turned off

The Smartlaunch Client, as well as the server and administrator, needs Windows administrator privileges to work properly.

The easiest way to ensure that Smartlaunch is run with administrator privileges is to disable UAC from the Windows control panel. Alternatively you need to make sure that the Smartlaunch executable is always being run elevated, or is installed in a folder which the user has full write permissions to.

Disable UAC

To disable UAC in Vista, check this guide:

To disable UAC in Windows 7, check this guide:

Flash 9 missing

If the Smartlaunch Client (with the game select interface) still fails to start after disabling UAC, also make sure you have Adobe Flash Player 9 installed (which is not the latest, as Flash 10 has been released).

Even if you installed Flash before and know you have the latest version already, try installing it again manually using the following steps.

  1. Download Flash 9
  2. Unpack it to C:\windows\system32\macromed\
  3. Run the “GetFlash.exe” file
  4. Run “regsvr32 <path to Flash9.ocx file>”

Now try to launch the client again, and you should be able to run the Smartlaunch Client.

Windows 7 64bits

If Smartlaunch fails to start in Windows 7 64bits, please try this solution:

  1. Create bootable usb to edit registry and turn off Smartlauch. Download and unpack this:
  2. Uninstall flash
  3. Install this version of flash 64X (ver.11)

Now try to launch the client again, and you should be able to run the Smartlaunch Client.

If you still have any issue or questions about it please contact[email protected]


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