Welcome Screen – Server/Client

Welcome Screen – Server/Client

When the Welcome Screen is enabled for the client computer, every new user will have the opportunity to see the Welcome Screen just after they login (after registering and logging in for the 1st time).

Server Configuration

As a Smartlaunch Administrator, you are allowed to enabled or disable the Welcome Screen for client computers with the following steps (video or standard tutorial):

1. Open Smartlaunch Server >> Client Computers (Left) >> Welcome Screen (Left)

2. Check the Enable Welcome Screen button to enable the Welcome Screen for your client computers

3. The default radio button, Show my website, video or blog, will then be activated where you can customize a link (URL) to a single website page.

3b. In the screenshot below, Show my picture file is still under development, but when it is released, you will also have the choice to browse to a single picture file.

4. Click on Preview button to see the preview of the setup

5. Click Apply 


  • Even though the Welcome Screen is enabled, it will only appear on the screens of new users’ first-time logging in. Once this screen appears, it won’t appear again in the future.


  • Try designing a single website page (or photo) that has everything you want in 1 page: your logo, videos that auto-play, rules, and more!
  • Be sure your page and photo fits appropriately — don’t forget to Preview your Welcome Screen to ensure everything fits in the way it should.

Client Example

For example, a new user is created from the Smartlaunch Administrator:

Let’s login the new user we just created above — since we have already configured the Welcome Screen (enabled), this screen, below, should appear:

All these fields displayed above is based on the default setup in Smartlaunch Server: This could reflect differently, depending on the usergroups setup (for example, below):

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