London Underground Goes Playstation

London Underground Goes Playstation

To celebrate the highly anticipated launch of the Playstation 5, Sony has launched an ad campaign on the London Underground. Sony have taken over the most iconic and busiest underground station, Oxford Circus. They have transformed the underground signs into playstation console symbols; the triangle, circle, square and cross.

When you enter inside the station, and wait for your train you will be able to see the same iconic symbols across the walls on the platform. This campaign effectively brings Playstation to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Everyday tube riders will be reminded of Playstation from early morning to when they’re heading home from work.

The Playstation 5 has a wealth of new features, such as VR integration, 3D audio compatibility, faster and smoother frame rates than ever with ultra-high-speed SSD, and integrated I/O for the games designers. The Playstation official website describes their latest edition as something that: “rewrite the rules of what a Playstation console can do”.

The UK launch of the PS5 was November 19th. Have a look at the product page for more information:

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