How to Connect a Client PC to a Shared Network Printer

Smartlaunch provides a solution for store customers to be able to print documents or photos from each client’s PC, and a solution for the Administrator to monitor and detect every print transaction. The system will automatically deduct the money from the specific customer and the transaction will be listed under the transaction list.

Many stores that use Smartlaunch usually have at least one printer attached in to the Server/Administrator PC. This is why we need to set up a shared network printer so every user will be able to print from any client PC using the shared network printer.

1. Install the driver of the printer on each client PC

2. Open Printer and Faxes >> Click Add Printer >> Click Next

3. Add Printer Wizard form will be displayed, choose the radio button “A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer” >> Click Next

4. Choose the radio button “Connect to this printer”.

Enter the IP address of the PC where the printer is attached. In this example, the printer is attached to the Server PC with IP address and the printer shared name is HP. You can find the share name of the printer in the Printer Properties of Smartlaunch Server PC. If you haven’t yet set up Print monitoring in the Server, follow the guide to setting up print monitoring¬†first.

5. The Client PC will detect a shared network printer and the “Connect to Printer” form will display to ask for your confirmation. Click Yes to continue.

6. Click Yes if you want to use this printer as a default printer in SL Client PC.

7. Completing the Add printer wizard form is displayed, click Finish.

8. Now you can see the Client PC has a default printer which is a shared network printer that is attached to the Smartlaunch Server

9. Do a Print Test from Printer Properties to make sure it works. Right-click the printer and choose Printer Properties >> Print Test

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