Smartlaunch Mining Management Guide

Smartlaunch Mining ManagementCrypto Mining has emerged as a potential revenue stream for gaming centers. Computers that are running software programs to create crypto money are

Beta Tester Agreement

BACKGROUND Smartlaunch Mining Management gives gaming center owners and operators a hands-on experience of crypto mining and an indication of their gaming center’s revenue potential

Using Smartlaunch POS

To get started with Smartlaunch POS, add a barcode scanner, cash drawer, and receipt printer to the PC with the Smartlaunch Administrator. Login to POS

How to configure your Barcode Scanner

Setup Guide: LS2208 Barcode Scanner The following barcodes need to be scanned in order to make the Symbol Barcode Scanner work correctly together with Smartlaunch.

Daily X Report & Daily Z Report

Daily X reports are snapshots of sales and activities. You can generate as many X reports as you like, before the final report of the day,

How to Restore a Server Database Backup

Written by Edwin Updated over a week ago In some cases you may experience that the Smartlaunch Server database becomes corrupt. This usually happens if the

How to Migrate from Access to MySQL

Written by Edwin Updated over a week ago Important: We do not provide support for MySQL. We only recommend advanced users to switch to MySQL. To

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