Gaming Center Mining

Bringing Safe Mining to Esports Centers

Protection Against Unauthorized Mining
Smartlaunch is adding features to monitor and manage the complexity of crypto mining. Our goal is to make safe mining and protection against unauthorized mining,  available to every gaming and esports center.

Gaming Center Mining – An Opportunity?
Gaming center owners have invested thousands of dollars in hardware that is sitting unused and idle much of the time. There might be an opportunity for esports centers to make additional revenues from computers that are not occupied by customers. A center owner has to assess the potential for mining to determine whether they have an untapped resource at their disposal or not.

In any case, every center owner should asses and protect against unauthorized mining by external individuals or cryptojacking software that reduce the gaming experience of customers and increase the cost of electricity at centers.

Assessing Revenue Potential
Mining revenues depend on several factors such as graphics cards, electricity rates, and knowledgeable tech staff.  

Furthermore, potential security issues and threats such as unauthorized mining require policies and measures to be in place. Access to computers needs to be controlled with appropriate user privileges and rights issued by gaming center owners. 

Smartlaunch is capable of automating the management, monitoring, and scheduling of applications on a large number of computers.

Smartlaunch has taken advantage of its capabilities and brought out a feature to manage the complexity of crypto mining for its users – Smartlaunch Mining Control.

The World’s First Mining Control Software for Esports centers
Smartlaunch Mining Control makes it easy for center owners to assess potential revenue from mining at their center. 

Safe mining and protection against unauthorized mining are now available to center owners.