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Advanced Games Management

Installation of 1 terabyte of the eSports world‘s top games onto hundreds of computers is not to be taken lightly.
And after installation, just when you thought it was over, gigabytes of software updates start congesting your network. You need to manage this flood before any of your paying customers take a seat.
And when the customers are seated, the flood of updates continues and has to be managed, now, during the entertainment experience of your demanding customers; and that in such a way that no customer’s attention is distracted even a bit from their game, they paid for.
The Internet bill that your ISP will bring to your attention unless you cut down the Internet costs of software updates – more or less down to zero – can be an unpleasant experience.
Since its inception, Smartlaunch’s prime focus is to make life easier for the eSports Center’s staff. The ease of rolling out games to all PCs at the center is one of Smartlaunch’s highly appreciated features.
Not having to manually install hundreds of games on hundreds of PCs at an eSports center, and installing them just on one PC instead comes as a surprise to many. Smartlaunch manages the rest, making time consuming copying or cloning PCs manually a thing of the past.

Auto Patcher

And how does Smartlaunch reduce the Internet costs of downloading software updates to hundreds of PCs at your center? Smartlaunch’s AutoPatcher downloads software updates only to one PC – which then updates the other PCs, saving valuable Internet bandwidth.
Inferno Online, the world’s largest eSports center in Stockholm, Sweden is powered by Smartlaunch.

1Tb Game Loader

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