Customer Loyalty

Simple Messaging

Connect with your customers or just say “Hello” by sending them messages from the Administrator.

Personal User Files

Make customers feel at home with personal user accounts so they can save their own game configurations, save games files, or documents — and have them transferred automatically between computers in your store.

Product Ordering

Enhance your customer’s entertainment experience with soft drinks, chips, and candy ordered by them from the comfort of their own chair. After you get notified about an order, products get automatically charged to their account upon your acceptance of the order. Furthermore, you can add images of products to entice customers to order.

Welcome Emails

Welcome new customers with a welcome email when a new user account is created. Alert customers about expiry of membership and keep them informed about upcoming membership dues through email reminders. Create customer greetings for customers for events like birthdays, tournaments, events, etc.

Loyalty Rewards

Reward loyal customers who refer friends with points they can exchange for free gaming time, snacks or prizes.

Easy Email Opt-Ins

Subscribe customers to newsletters or promotions while marketing your business.

News and Events

Keep customers informed by publishing store updates and new events by displaying information on all welcome screens of the client computers.

Welcome Screen

Greet new store customers with a customized welcome screen with stores images, videos, or your business website. In the new eSports client, you can also set up banners on the client interface to introduce new facilities and products to your customers.