Smartlaunch Tech Support

Standard Support

Included with every Smartlaunch license

Like all established software providers, Smartlaunch offers tech support for our software suite. If you have an issue with Smartlaunch and need our help, all you need to do is to raise a ticket or send an email with a description of your issue to us at [email protected]

Our tech support team will respond to your ticket within hours with instructions to you on how to resolve the issue. At peak times it may take up to 24 hours for the tech team to respond. 

The support included in your Smartlaunch license covers the entire Smartlaunch system. Whether you have a database connectivity issue, a network-related issue, a  software issue, or whether it is a bug you have discovered, we will respond. And for your records, you will be able to follow the communication in a ticketing system until the issue has been resolved.

A general rule of thumb is that our tech support team assists you when you have a  Smartlaunch issue. If a game or program is not working properly, you need to contact the support team of that game or application.  

Premium Support

Running an esport center can be challenging if you have no prior experience. With time, centers find their way forward in the technical jungle, through trial and error. But running into bumps is inevitable; bumps that can be time-consuming and expensive. 

With Smartlaunch Premium Support, Smartlaunch essentially becomes your technical partner. Choosing the right architecture for an esports center and managing it requires experience. We provide you with our expertise 24 x 7 for anything you feel you want help with. In particular, we connect remotely and help you resolve issues with your system architecture, network issues, and of course issues with games and applications on the spot. 

If you are starting a new center but do not have technicians with experience of troubleshooting at gaming centers, we strongly recommend that you sign up for Smartlaunch Premium Support. You get access to Smartlaunch experts with decades of experience in starting and operating esport venues. You do not need to learn the hard way. 


Control PCs, consoles and devices

Esports centers stretch their hardware to the limits in providing the best possible entertainment experience to their demanding customers.

Terabytes of games have to be installed on hundreds of computers and managed continuously while hard disks and graphics cards are pounded by gigabytes of games updates, threatening to impact the users’ experience

Games Management

Smart Disk is a state-of-the-art solution for blistering fast launching of games with automated games updating Never has the installation of numerous games and the updating of games on numerous computers been so easy.

Integrated POS

Discard your old cash register and use Smartlaunch’s fully integrated POS solution. Use a barcode scanner to sell products or print a receipt when your customer is finished. The cash drawer will open automatically whenever you receive payment.


Personalize the entertainment experience of your customers with Personal User files. Let your users continue where they left off, on another PC, next time they visit your center.

Bulletproof Security

Implement security policies with ease to prevent unauthorized access to PCs,  games, and programs . Control access to offices and meeting rooms. Block access to certain websites.


Smart Disk is a state-of-the-art solution for blistering fast launching of games with automated games updating Never has the installation of numerous games and the updating of games on numerous computers been so easy.

User Accounts

Reward your customers with loyalty points

Create User Groups to manage different types of memberships. Specify a differentiated pricing structure  time, products and offer for each group. 

Advanced Statistics and Reports

Generate a variety of different statistical reports, including product sales reports, games usage rapports, employee statistics etc. Allocate resources and optimize your business.

Full Feature List


Change User Group

Update or change usergroups of specific users directly from the Admin PC.

Employee Reports

Generate reports showing all sales you have made during a period of your choice

Launch Remote Applications

Make updates or run external applications on one or all your client PCs, instantly.

Simple Messaging
Communicate with your customers by sending them messages to one or more clients at the same time.
Security & Restrictions

Define what areas of the entire Smartlaunch System that your employees should have access to. Predefined access levels can help you decide the areas your employees should have access to.

Shift Manager
Make a complete employee shift with cash register reports and product reports in just a few minutes. Check-in and check-out time is also registered and included in the shift report.
Employee Logins
Issue a personal username and password for each of your employees. This will allow Smartlaunch to track transactions made by each employee.


Games Wizard

This Games Wizard will help you through the process of setting up all your games and applications with the correct directories, paths and executable programs.

Games Images
Images of games and programs are updated periodically to support new software titles.
Application Utilities

Determine what games and programs have been installed on what client computers.

License Management

License Management will dramatically reduce your software expenses by distributing available licenses to client computers on demand. Smartlaunch comes with more than 100 pre-sets to the most popular games, which makes it easier than ever to set-up.

Personal User Files
Copy files back and forth between clients for the applications they are related to. Files are copied when a user starts the specific application. When the applications ends, the updated files are copied back to the server.


Product Sales
Sell all types of products including time, products and offers directly from Smartlaunch. The POS system offers an unlimited number of product slots and support of standard POS equipment such as barcode scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer.
Computer Layout Groups

Sort your computers into layout groups.

Multiple Administrators

Use several Admins at the front desk – or use an Admin to view the status of your business or view financial reports from home.

Print Monitoring

Monitor print jobs and charge them directly to a customer’s account. Specify individual prices for black & white and color prints.


Create all kinds of offers. Offer 3 hours and a soft drink for a fixed price or offer a fixed period of time such as a “night gib” event. Smartlaunch keeps track of them all.

Product Order System

Let your customers order soft drinks, chips and candy directly from the their PC, and get their orders automatically charged to their accounts.

Waiting Line

Add people to a queue with Smartlaunch’s  advanced waiting line feature. No more confusing “manual” waiting lines. Let customers in the waiting line use free computers for a certain time.

Stock Control
Prevent empty supplies of candy or other products under stock control. Receive a warning email when a product stock gets below a level of your choice.

Design your own receipts. Print receipts on any printer supported by Windows.

Cash Drawers
Smartlaunch supports standard cash drawers to open every time you receive cash or other payment types.
Barcode Scanners

Use a barcode scanner to sell products fast.

Sales Tax

Specify up to three different taxes, set individually on products or product groups.

Book-a-table, book-a-PC, book-a-room

Track reservations with Smartlaunch’s inbuilt booking system


Personal User Files

Customers with a personal user account can continue playing their games on another computer next time they visit your center.  The user can set Smartlaunch to automatically save each game configuration or document  they are working with in their user account. When the user logs on another computer, the files linked to the user’s account are made available to the user on that computer.

Running Smartlaunch on your client computers won’t remove the Windows taskbar functionality from the interface. Besides the standard taskbar features and functionality, the Smartlaunch taskbar has a box showing the account balance and a button used to order products.
Customizable Client Categories

Define your own game and application categories in the client interface. You can create as many categories as you like.

Disconnection Protection

Your customers’ activities will not be affected if their computers  somehow get disconnected from the server.

Block Drive Access

Prevent access to drives, you specify, ranging from A: to Z:.

Disable Web Browsing

Control actions allowed in web browsers such as View Source or Save As, or disable browsing altogether.

Block File Downloading
Prevent your customers from downloading malicious software and files to your hard drive.
Programs Blocker

Close all unwanted programs or windows by specifying a window title or just a part of the title. The feature can be used to block access to the command prompt or notepad text editor.

File transfer Security

Disable file transfer and auto-update.

Disable Hotkeys

Disable hotkeys to prevent access to information on your network.

Windows® Functionality

Prevent access to vital Windows functionality such as the Control Panel, Explorer or Task Manager.

Security Changer

You can easily change security settings of a PC on the network from your Admin PC, for customers with special tasks or needs.

Product Order System
Your customers can order all products such as soft drinks, chips and candy directly from the comfort of their own chair. Ordered products will automatically get charged to the customer’s account. The employee must accept the order before it is charged to the account.


Error Reporting Center

Get an error report when you discover a defect on a computer. Make iit easier for your technician to locate and troubleshoot any defects in your PCs or network.

News and Event Centre

The News and Event Centre is used to add and edit news and events which are displayed on the welcome screens of the PCs in your network.

Screenshot Viewer

Monitor your computers directly from your Admin PC. Grab screenshots from one or more computer from where you are.

Computer Control

All computers at your premises are controllable from your Admin PC. You can boot/re-boot/shut down all computers at one time or select computers individually.

File Blocker

Improves the security by blocking executable files in a specific folder from being launched.

Website Status

Display the current status of the PC activity and games at your center directly on your website to attract customers. Compatible with both Windows® and Linux web servers.


Wake all PCs in your network with a mouse click. 

Language Editor
If your language is not included by default, you can make your own language file using the language editor.
File Transfer

Send multiple files or folders from the Admin PC to one or more  PCs in your network.

Force PC Update

Update all PCs with one click from your Admin PC.


Prepaid time

Create user accounts for your customers and load them with prepaid time. You can have different types of memberships and pricing that depends on the type of membership.

Prepaid Tickets

Generate a prepaid ticket to contain either time or an offer. Each prepaid ticket has a username and a password.

Generate Multiple Tickets
Create an unlimited number of tickets in advance for sale at any time. Each ticket is equipped with a barcode used to scan the ticket when you sell it to a customer.
Credit Limit
When customers have an account used for Play & Pay you can set an individual or group based credit limit. If a customer reaches the credit limit he/she will not be able to use the account until the bill is paid.
Flexible Peak – Off Peak Pricing

Change pricing dynamically as demand changes. Differentiate prices between peak and off-peak or give customers with a membership a reduced price compared to walk-in customers. You can also set a minimum charge.

“Time of Day” Pricing

Set different prices depending on the time of day. With Smartlaunch you can reduce the price with 20% between 10 AM and 2 PM and increase the price on Friday and Saturday evening. These price possibilities are also available in prepaid time mode.

End Session Options

When a customer logs out you can choose individually what should be done with any remaining balance. For instance, you can choose to save the money for the next session.


Customize the Skin on the Client Computers
Create your own skin, or use one of the existing skins that match your corporate identity. It’s fully customizable.