Adding User Images to Accounts

The purpose of this feature is to setup and manage image for each user account. Administrators can add photos using a Webcam, choose a image from file, or as default the system will get the user image from Gravatar based on the user email address.

Open Administrator >> User Accounts >> Choose a user and double click on it. User information for specific user will be displayed and a User Image icon and text is available in the left bottom side of the window.

You will see a default image for the user. Here you can click on Update User Image to update their image.

Next, you will see 3 options to update the image: Using Webcam, From File, or Default.

Using a Webcam Image

Click on Using Webcam. Click Capture to capture the image and Start Over if you want to re-do it over again. Click Crop to crop the image.

While selecting the picture before cropping you can use LEFT mouse button and drag to select the image or you can also use RIGHT mouse button to drag and move the selection.

Crop the image once you have finished and click on Update Image.

You will see that User Image is updated. Click Save to save the image.

Updating Image From File

This option is if you want to apply user image from specific file on your computer. Click on From File 

You will see the Windows Explorer is open and you can choose the image file in specific fodler.

Open the file and click on button  Save 

Use Default Image

As default the system will get the image of user from users Gravatar, Facebook or Twitter account based on the user email address.

Image Settings

There are 2 options for Settings: Resolution Settings and Advance Settings. You can access Image settings by clicking on the Update User Image window then clicking on the Settings button.

Resolution Settings

Resolution settings allows you setup the resolution of the image and the pixel depth. Click OK after you have finished to save the settings.

Advanced Settings

Here you can setup the Capture source, Device settings for adjusting things like brightness and contrast, as well as webcam camera controls. Click OK to apply the changes.