Book A PC

Smartlaunch’s booking system allows customers to make reservations for their preferred PCs in advance. To access the booking system, click on the “Booking” option from the screen selector.

Bookings can be viewed in the calendar, and details about a specific booking can be viewed by clicking on it in the calendar.

Making a Booking

There are two ways to make a booking.

(1) click the “Add Booking” button in the toolbar, which will dynamically select computers for the booking, or (2) select specific computers from the graphical overview and then click “Book”. Once you have chosen your method, you will be prompted to fill in options such as phone number and description (note that these fields are not required to complete the booking). Click “Add” to finalize the booking.

Deleting and Editing a Booking

To edit or delete an existing booking, click on the booking in the booking screen to view its details. You will see buttons to edit or delete the booking on the left side of the screen.