Client Options

The Smartlaunch Client has a small “backdoor” access option where you get access to make some basic computer operations and settings.

Accessing the Smartlaunch Client

By default, the access key is the Esc button. You can change it on the Smartlaunch Server> Settings> Client Computers> Additional Settings> Shortcut for Admin window.

Press Esc or click in the upper-left corner of the screen, you should now see the following screen:

Type your employee username and password to gain access.

Press Login

General Client Options

The main screen in the Smartlaunch Client Options window has some very general options.

  • Server IP/Name
    The physical address or name of the computer running the Smartlaunch Server.
  • Computer Number
    The unique computer id. Every computer in your cafe needs an individual number.

From this screen you can also make simple actions such as shutting down the computer. De-activating will prevent the Smartlaunch Client from starting automatically when Windows boots.

Display Settings

This pane gives you access to make individual display settings – if you for instance have another monitor on some of your computers.


Makes it possible to perform a few basic user operations directly from the Client Computer.

  • Unlock Account
    You can unlock a user account by entering a username and pressing Open Account.
  • Login as guest
    You can start/continue a new guest session


The additional tab gives you access to enable/disable the fingerprint scanner.