Send files to a Client PC

The Send Files feature allows you to send files from your Smartlaunch Administrator PC to any Smartlaunch Client PC.

How to Send Files

1. Right-click on the Client PC you want to send the files to. (PC001 shown in the example image below)

2. In the Right-click menu, choose Utilities then choose Send Files

Image1. Send Files Window

3. In the window that opens, there are 4 tabs: Transfer Method, Source Files, Destination Directory, Log. Transfer Method tab will be automatically opened where you can select either to send a certain file or the whole files in a Directory. Click File if you want to send only certain files in a folder and click Directory if you want to send whole files in a directory.

Image2. Transfer Method

4. The Source Files tab will be displayed and here you can choose one or more files to send. In the window that opens, choose the directory and the file will appear in the File Name window after it has been selected.

Image3. Source Files

5. The Source Directory tab will be displayed and here you can choose a directory. Choose the directory and the whole files inside this directory will be sent.

Image4. Source Directory

Image6. Source Directory-Choose Directory

Image7. Source Directory-Choose Directory

6. Tab Destination Directory will be displayed here where you can provide the path and the name of the destination directory. For example C:\Test_04072013 means the name of your destination directory is Test_04072013 and it is located under C drive.

Click the button Transfer Now to send files.

Image8. Provide path and name of the destination directory

7. Tab Log will be displayed where you can see the log of each file including the description message. Once completed, a check mark will appear next to the file that has just been sent. To send more files, click the Send Others button or click Close to finish.

Image9. Log

8. To see the result open Smartlaunch Client and login as admin to be able to open Windows Explorer on the Client’s PC.

Image10. Windows Explorer in Smartlaunch Client

9. Click on the directory to see all files you have sent.

Image11. Windows Explorer in Smartlaunch Client


Please see the screencast below about how to send files.