Configure a Magnetic Card Reader in Smartlaunch

Setup Magnetic card readers in Smartlaunch

We assumed that you have already setup your magnetic card reader hardware and it works properly. You can open a notepad and try to swipe any kind of cards than the information should be appear with the beep sounds.

Please follow this guide to setup a magnetic card reader and use it with Smartlaunch:

  1. Open SL Administrator >> Utilities >> Preference >> Point of Sale >> General
  2. Check on “Magnetic card readers” checkbox.

If this option is enabled, Smartlaunch will be able to use any Magnetic card readeryou have connected to your computer to enable you customers to be charged for their time using their credit card.

To assign a specific card to a member, please follow this steps:

  1. Open SL Administrator and click on User Accounts and you will see a list of users.
  2. Double click on a specific user and a new pop up window will appear.
  3. Click on menu Account >> Assign Card
  4. Please swipe a card to get it associated with the member prepaid ticket.

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