Configuring Security Settings in Smartlaunch

Smartlaunch has three different aspects of security available at the Smartlaunch Client.

  • General Security
    Control program behavior of different Microsoft programs such as Windows, Messenger, and Internet Explorer.
  • Application Filters
    Make application filters to prevent users from launching certain games or programs.
  • Accessible Drives
    Define what drives on the client computers your customers should have access to.

General Security

As mentioned, the general security tab has a lot of different security policies, which can disable different functions in some of the central Microsoft products.

Smartlaunch includes a security profile called “Default” that contains common security settings. You can Edit this profile and modify it to your liking, or create a new profile by clicking the Add button.

The first thing you need to do when creating a new security profile is to choose a name for it. Then select the features of the applications that should be disabled. As with the default profile, there is some standard functionality already checked, which should give you some basic security at the Client Computers.

Application Filters

Application filters are special software filters that disallow programs or parts of a program from launching.

How to Setup Application Filters:

  1. Click Add New to make a new application filter.
  2. In this case, we do not want the application notepad to be accessible from a client computer. There are other ways to prevent programs from launching: FilenameThe example we just made was a filename restriction – do not launch a program with an executable with a specific name. The Filename should always be in lower case. The class name restriction is a bit more complex. Every window, button, etc. have a class name in Windows, which means that you can prevent only parts of a program to execute. For instance, you can prevent customers from accessing the preferences in Word or Excel. To locate and find the class name of a program or window you need a third-party program. To find the class name of a program or a part of a program we recommend you download the following program: barClose a program containing a specific title. System traySome programs place icons in the system tray where you can right-click to gain access to different parts of the program. To prevent this context menu you need to specify the filename of the program places an icon in the system tray.
  3. It is possible to use all normal wildcards when entering the name. You can find a list of wildcards here.
  4. Some of the standard security precautions have already been added.

Accessible Drives

The Accessible Drives tab defines what drives your customers to have access to the client computers.

By default, the A: and U: drives are checked. Access to the floppy and document drive (requires the network mapping feature to be enabled) should be allowed.

Screencast: How to Setup Security, Application Profiles and Pricing for User Groups