Create Error Reports

The Smartlaunch Error Reporting feature keeps track of all current errors in the store. Every time a new error occurs, it can be reported by filling in an error report. By doing this, the technician in the store can easily get a complete overview of his tasks.

Making a new error report is a simple task.

  1. From the Graphical Overview, right-click the computer with the error. Choose Out Of Order
  2. Click Yes in the popup box prompting you to make an error report.
  3. The Add Error Report window will then popup
  4. You need to select the Error Type and give a precise description of the error
  5. Click Add
  6. The computer is grayed out indicating, that it is out of order.

Viewing Error Reports

All the error reports you make when you set a computer as out of order are located in the Error Report Center.

  1. Choose Error Report Center from the Utilities menu. As you can see on the screenshot the error report we just made appears in the list. You can search for error reports by specifying different parameters such as computer, progress or error type.
  2. Try to double-click the error report you just created.
  3. The technician can write his own progress reports and change the status of the error report. Press Save.

You can also change the status of a report by right-clicking a report and then changing the status in the Change progress menu.

Printing The Error Reports

You can always print a list of all the error reports by clicking the Print List in the panel at the left. Printing a list can make it easier for your technician to locate and correct errors.