Creating and Selling Prepaid Tickets

Prepaid tickets are printed tickets that contain an offer or an amount of money, and contains a username and password that customers can use at a Client computer.

How to Generate Prepaid Tickets

Go to the Prepaid Tickets screen by clicking the panel on the left in the Smartlaunch Administrator:

Create a Ticket Group. You can create a ticket group by right-clicking the ticket group area, by clicking the green “+” icon at the top-right of the Ticket Groups pane, or by clicking Generate Tickets.

Click the button Generate Tickets. If you have not yet made a ticket group, you will be prompted to create one:

Pressing OK will proceed to the Generate Tickets screen:

There are some options you need to specify before you can generate a ticket:

  • How Many – Number of tickets to generate
  • Expiration – The date when the ticket’s validity ends (Default: 1 month)
  • Ticket Group – Which ticket group this ticket(s) belong to
  • Usergroup – Such as Guest, Member, VIP
  • Print the tickets now – Checking this will print all the tickets at once.
  • Simple codes (# Only) – Checking this will generate only # values, rather than alphanumeric
  • Amount. If you have chosen money, you need to specify an amount of money. Money – Tickets with a specified amount of time offers – Generate tickets containing an offer.

Your option settings are saved as the new default settings.

Selling Prepaid Tickets

Selling a ticket is very easy, but there are two ways to sell a ticket depending on whether it has been printed or not. If you choose to print all the tickets when you generate them you need a barcode scanner to scan the barcode. If you have not printed the ticket you can browse for a ticket directly from the Product Sales window.

  1. Open the Product Sales window (found in the toolbar). Tickets will appear instantly when you have chosen a ticket group.
  1. Click Add and the ticket will appear on the bill (right side).
  2. If you have chosen to associate a card to the ticket you will be prompted to swipe a card.

The type of card needs to be a credit card. The card number or other information from the card is NOT stored in the system. Associating a card to a ticket will make it possible for your customers to log in directly to the clients using their card. You complete the sale the normal way with the cashier.

Custom Tickets (One-Click Generation)

There are 3 custom buttons available to customize for 1-button ticket generation utilizing preset settings:

By clicking the Customize.. button, this screen will appear:

This will appear similar to the original ticket generation screen, only it will ask for a Ticket Name. When done, click the Save Custom Ticket button.

The custom button name will be replaced with the custom Ticket Name you entered.

Click the new custom button and it will automatically generate tickets without the above screen appearing (1-Click).

Other Preferences/Settings

To disable barcodes when printing, browse to:

Utilities >> Preferences >> 


Point of Sales (Left) >> Receipt Text


Check the Show Barcodes option to enable/disable barcodes displaying when printing. By default, this option is checked (enabled)