Creating New User Accounts

Many esports centers offer memberships and special prices – for example  VIP membership with a price different from the normal guest pricing.

When you create a user account in Smartlaunch, you select the type of user, whether the user is an ordinary member or VIP, at the time you create the account. You can change the type of user at any time by accessing Account management.

Let’s create a new user account. Click on the Create User button in the toolbar. Then  left-click the button and you will be presented with the following popup window:

  1. The first thing you should ask your customer about is the username the customer wants. Many customers often use their in-game nickname as their username in Smartlaunch. You can also suggest their first name followed by a dot and their last name – that often speeds up the process.
  2. Next, you need to specify the user group that the user account belongs to.
  3. Finally, you choose whether the customer should enter the personal details, the first time they log in at the Client or if an employee should enter the details at the front desk. Please be aware, during heavy traffic in your store it could slow down your customer handling if you need to enter personal details at the front desk.

    You will notice, that the user account will appear immediately in the user account screen after you click the Create User button.