Customizing the client

The Customization setting allows you to customize a number of settings on your client computers

The includes changing the client skins, updating the client resolution, color depth, as well as monitor frequency. Note if you have computers that must run another resolution, you can make a computer overwrite the default screen resolution by setting it directly at the client computer.

Customizing Client Messages

The Messages Setting in the Client Computers section of the Smartlaunch server allows you to set custom messages for customers when they login to a Client computer.

You have several options to customize this screen:

  • 1st Headline – The main headline in the client. Typically used for the name of the store.
  • 2nd Headline -Typically used to display information about the PC number.
  • Welcome Message
    As the name says you can type in a welcome text displayed as soon as they have logged in.

There are some parameters you can use to make these messages more personal:

%Username% = Displays the username
%TimeStatus% = Shows how much time left/used
%LastVisit% =Shows the date and time of the customer’s last visit
%Date% = Current date
%Time% = Time of day