Daily X Report & Daily Z Report

Daily X reports are snapshots of sales and activities. You can generate as many X reports as you like, before the final report of the day, the Z report.

Managers use X reports to check for discrepancies in the cash drawer at the end of a shift. X reports are also used to check the status of sales during the day and the number of money-outs/money-ins that need to be accounted for.

The Daily Z report is the end-of-day report run when you are closing the trading day.

The Daily Z report shows the final overview of the day’s sales, refunds, payment methods, and more. Outputting the report also resets the grand totals so a new trading day can start from scratch.

There is no redoing of a Z report. Once it is generated and grand totals are reset, any changes you want to make are moved to the following trading day. This makes a Z report the key sales report of the day for accounting purposes.