Email Reporting

Before following this guide please get the SMTP Server from your internet provider.

Step by step to setup email for Reporting:

Mail Setup

From your Smartlaunch Server please go to Reporting >> Mail Setup

  1. In “Mail Server” please provide information about your Mail Server, where you can set the address of you mail server.
  2. In “Port” please set what port your mail server is using, as default it is using port 25.
  3. In “From Address” please select from which address the mails should be send.
  4. In “From Name” please select what the name of the mail sender should be.
  5. In “SMTP Authorization” If SMTP authorization is required, mark the check box and write your SMTP username and password in their respective boxes otherwise you can uncheck it and leave username and password as a blank.

Email Reporting

Setup your Report Settings including the time and the email addres. You also able to choose the type of report: PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, Chrystal Reports.

After that please click on “Send Test Email” button and please make sure that it is sent successfully.

You can check the log in Smartlaunch Administrator >> Recent Log to see any errors including SMTP erros. If you don’t get any error please check the report in your email, but if you got the error message as mentioned in the image above please set your SMTP Server. Contact your internet provider to get you SMTP Server 

There is a way to export you log data into a file, please follow this guide.