Emailing Announcements


Email Sender is one of the feature in Smartlaunch Administrator module that allows administrator in your store to send an announcement via email to all users or to users in a specific user groups.

Step by step to setup Email Sender

1. Open Smartlaunch Administrator >> Utilities >> Email Sender

2. There are 5 criterias to select: User Groups, Games in Top 5, Age, Zip Code, Sex. Administrator will able to choose the criteria to whom the email will be sent. Once the criteria is selected please click Next.

3. Administrator will compose the email as text otherwise there is an option to load HTML. Once it finished click Next.

4. Confirm your email option by fill in from address and from name. Mail Server setup is depends on what is mentioned in Smartlaunch Server, please check the KB here. Once you finished the mail option please click Next.

5. Smartlaunch is preparing data and getting ready to send emails to the specific group you have choosen. Before you click the Next button, you can also click “View Recipients” to check and see all the recipients who will receive this email.

6. Smartlaunch is sending email to all those recipients based on your criteria. Once the process is done your recipients will receive your email very soon.