Employee Access Right: Can change usergroup

The purpose of this feature is to change the user group of certain user. As an administrator you might want to have the ability to change user group.

Open Smartlaunch Server >> General Settings >> Employees >> Choose employee and click on Edit button.

Under employee rights, check the box next to “Can change usergroup“. Click Apply to save the change.

Expiration dates: Note that if employee has access to change the usergroup, they will also be able extend expiration dates of that group.

2. Open Smartlaunch Administrator >> User Accounts >> Choose one of your user and double click on it.

3. Choose and click on one of your user and the user form will displayed. Click on “Account options” >> Click on Change button to change the user group. For example E1 is a user under Employees user group, now we will change it to Members user group

4. Now we can see that user E1 is under Members user group instead of Employees.