Employee Access Right: Enabled/Disable Security

How to Enable/Disable Security on the Smartlaunch Client

The Smartlaunch Enabled/Disable Security Employee access right allows you to restrict which employee has the option to disable security on a client. So when security is enabled, your emploee will able to set the security setting to “ON” in the client. If the employee access right is disabled, he will not have access to any security settings on the client.

  1. Open Server >> General Settings >> Employees
  2. Choose an employee in the list
  3. Click the checkbox access right “Enabled/Disable Security on Client“. Unchecking this box means the employee will not have access to security on the client.

Double click on Admin

Check Enable/Disable Security on Client

When you have checked the picture above your Admin enable to setup the Security, he can turn it on/off otherwise the Security option will disable as you can see in the picture below:

Unchecked the Enable/Disable security on client

Security option is disabled