Financial Reports – Interim Statement

Financial Reporting in Smartlaunch is one of the most powerful features for owners and administrators for getting intelligence about the financial condition of their store for specific periods of time.

There are two types of Interim Statement Financial Reports available in Smartlaunch: detailed and summary.

Summary Financial Report – complete list of items sold in a given period of time, grouped by type of product.

Detailed Financial Report – complete list of transactions sold in a given period of time, grouped by type of product.


1. Financial Reports can be accessed in the Smartlaunch Administrator >> Financials menu >> Interim Statement.

2. In the Financial Reports screen, under Select type of report choose Create a New Interim Statement – detailed or Create a New Interim Statement – summary

3. Under Additional options, choose can the specific time period for which the report should contain.

In addition you have the option to include:

  • All transactions option
  • Only include transactions for the logged-in Administrator
  • Only include transactions from several Administrators
  • Include only transactions for a specific employee

4. Click the Next button. The report will appear as a PDF file which can be reviewed inside a browser, printed, or downloaded for later viewing.

Reports are categorized based on 4 transaction groups: Fixed time, Offers, Products, and Time. Sub group totals and group totals are displayed in each transactions group and at the end, you get the total income for that time period.

If you choose a Detailed report, you will receive a list of all transactions for a specific period grouped by transaction group. For each transaction, it will list the date, item name, price, quantity, username, taxes, and total.

This example shows a Detailed report showing the total Fixed time sold on February 1, 2014. At the end of the report, it will add up all the transaction and give you the total income for the chosen period.

A complete sample of Detailed Financial Report is available here.

If you choose a Summary report, the result will be much simpler. It will list the total income for a specific period grouped by transaction group, but will not list all the transactions that made up that total. For each transaction, it will list the date, item name, price, quantity, taxes, and total. In addition, it will also list any Deposits and Withdrawals for the given time period.

The result of a summary and detailed report for a given period of time will be the same. The only difference is the amount of information you will receive about each transaction.

A complete sample of the Summary Financial Report is available here.