How do I manage gaming consoles or laptop computers?

Using Console or Bring Your Own Computer or Laptop

Smartlaunch has the concept of virtual computers, in essence what you can do is set aside some of your licenses to be used by Consoles or BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer or laptop) spaces. Furthermore, as introduced in Smartlaunch 4.6, it is possible to turn your consoles on/off directly from the Smartlaunch Administrator – you will need additional hardware for this solution. Also, this is only supported in the US.

To do this go to the server, select the settings button then go to the “Prices” section and select “Computer Grouping”. By default all the PC’s are placed in the “Ungrouped” area, so click the ‘+’ sign and then click on a PC, such as ‘PC001’. On the right hand side of the dialog you can move the PC to a different group (this is not necessary), then below that you can set the name of the PC (e.g. XBox #1) and then choose a “Console Mode” which you want (XBox for example).

Now this will show up in the administrator with the appropriate icon.

To start a session on the console, just right-click the console and choose “Login as Guest”.

In Smartlaunch you only need to have 1 license per console as there can be 4 simultaneously customers logged on.

To get more information about this and how to set it up, please read our guide: How to control console system automatically.


Please see the screen cast below about Using Smartlaunch With Gaming Console

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