How to Add and Keep Track of Bookings

Smartlaunch has a built-in booking system which allows you to keep track of your customers bookings. The Booking system is available in the Smartlaunch Administrator and is accessed by clicking Booking from the screen selector.

All bookings made is displayed in the calendar. Details about a booking is displayed in the panel on the left once you have clicked a booking.

Making a Booking

There are two ways to make a booking.

  • You can click the Add Booking button in the tool bar.
  • Doing it this way will dynamically select computers.
  • The other way is to mark a selection of computers from the (Graphical) Overview and then selecting Book.
  • Doing it this way will book exactly the computers you have selected.

Once you have chosen a way to make the booking you will see this screen:

As you can see, there are some options you can choose to fill in. The Phone and Description is not required to make a booking. Smoking and non-smoking doesn’t make any difference on the booking – it is just for your information. Click Add to complete the booking.

Deleting and Editing a Booking

To edit or delete an existing booking you need to click the booking in the Booking screen. The booking details will be shown on the left along with two buttons to Edit or Delete the chosen booking.