How to Create Special Offers

Step 1: Open the Offers Menu

Start by bringing up the SmartLaunch server window from the system tray by simply clicking the SmartLaunch icon. The server should by default be locked, press the Unlock button and enter the administrator username and password.

Image 1: System tray

After the server is unlocked, press the Settings and when the window comes up, click open the Financial Setup section and select the Products/Offers option. On the right side you will now see a menu consisting of a few preset menus and products.

Image 2: Products / Offers menu

Step 2: Create a New Group

Before creating a new offer, we are going to create an entirely new group for our time offers, do this by click Add on the right side and then click Category from the menu, as shown in Image 3.

Image 3: Creating a new category

When clicking the Category option, a window will pop up where you will be able to specify a name, icon and which tax group this group should belong to. Enter “Time offers” as the group name, select an icon of your own choice and click the checkbox next to the TAX group you have for computer time in your country, finally press OKwhen you are done. If you want to edit the three TAX groups, this can be done from the VAT/TAX section located just below the Products/Offers menu option.

Step 3: Create a New Offer

After creating the new group, select it from the menu by clicking on it. Press the Addbutton and select Offer from the menu to start creating a new offer.

Image 4: Creating a new offer

The offer settings window that opens up has three different categories:

General Settings and Pricing

Image 5: General settings and pricing


The name of the offer displayed in the menus, make sure to select a name which describes the offer in an easy way, this will make it much easier for new employees to learn the administrator.


Select our newly created group, or a group which describes the product/offer you want to add to the list.

Client order

If this option is enabled, customers will be able to order this product/offer from the menu on the clients. If this is a time offer you are adding, it is recommended that this option is disabled if you are not using the option to be able to Pay Later. Stock control and Product type will be grayed out because they can only be applied when adding a product.

Use group taxes

If this option is enabled, the product/offer you are adding will use the TAX preset as the group it is located in.

Default Price

This is the default price for the product/offer you are creating, if you want to have different prices for different user groups, this can be done in the list below by simply clicking the user group you want to edit and type in the new price.

Cost Price

This is what it costs for the café to purchase this product. This information can be compared with the Default price in a revenue analysis, where you can for example see exactly how much you make over a period on that product.


You can purchase barcode readers from the SmartLaunch website, when the product later on is scanned, the barcode number will automatically be entered into the input field. You can always enter the barcode manually yourself, the barcode numbers are always located just below the barcode on the product.

Offer Settings

Image 6: Offer settings


In this input field you enter how many minutes that are included in this offer.

Application Profile

If you want to limit your customers from starting every game or program when using this offer, you can select an application profile with limited applications in it. This can be useful when working together with distributors of new games, where you can for example create an Application Profile with only their game in it, and make it cheaper for customers to play if they buy this offer. Creating your own Application Profile can be done under Application Management in the SmartLaunch server menu.


This feature allows you to set different priorities on offers, in that way if a customer has two offers which can be used at the same time, the offer with the highest priority will always be used first. The recommended way to do this is to for example set a high priority on those offers which are used during single days, and a lower priority on those that are active for the entire week.

Products included in offer

If you want to include a coca cola in the time offer for example, select the product from the dropdown menu and click the Add button. To remove the product, select it from the list and click Remove.


Image 7: Availability

Expires after

If this option is enabled, you can choose to put a time limit on your offer. Enter how many days you want the offer to be available and whether those days should start expiring from the date the offer was bought, or from the first time it was being used.

Use schedule for allowed usage

If this option is enabled, you can choose limit the offer to a certain time period, this is very useful when working with “nightgibbs” (when customers play during the night to the early morning). To add a time period click the + sign to open up a window where you can specify the start and end time for the offer, plus which days of the week this offer is available. To edit a time period, double click it from the schedule.

Image 8: Schedule time usage

Maximum minutes used per day

If this option is enabled, you will be able to limit how many minutes per day that can be used by this offer, simply enter the number of minutes in the input fields.

Use fixed start

If this option is enabled, you can specify which day and time the offer should start; this is very useful when creating offers for a nightgibb for instance. Select which days this offer should be use a fixed start, and specify the Start Time.

Check your settings again and click the OK button when you are done. The offer you just created can now be found in the products/offers menu as shown in Image 9.

Image 9: Offer created

Step 4: Adding the Offer to a User

Image 10: Add offer to user

To add the offer to a customer, open up User Accounts section in the Administrator Module. Now select and account from the list, right-click on it and from the list select Add product / offer.

Image 11: Cashier

When the Cashier window opens up, the products/offers menu will automatically appear, select the offer from the menu and click the Add button. The offer has now been added to the users Current Bill. Finally select the payment method and click the Pay button to charge the user for the offer.