How to setup a pricing structure where price decreases over time

How to setup a pricing structure where price decreases over time?

To do this you must first go into your Smartlaunch server, unlock it, and go into settings. Choose the financial setup banner and then the pricing structures sub-banner. Select the user group that you want to change pricing structure of, and click Edit or if you want to create an entirely new structure for your groups press the Add button. Now choose the Use advanced pricingsetting option.

Click on the + to add a new structure. A box should now appear called New fixed price setup. Here you have tree things you can configure;
Begin after: x min, Add to bill: x, New hourly rate: x and finally you can choose to enable the loop back to x.

The Begin after: x min option, is used to say after how long time this price type should take place. Often we start making one with the first minute. That will then indicate what the price is from you start.

The Add to bill will add the given amount after x time. So say you want to add a fee for starting to play, you can set it there, so after the first minute played you could add for example 2$.

The New hourly rate determines what the price per hour is after the Begin after: x min. So say we want the hourly rate to be 2$ after the first minute when we start. Then 60 minutes after the session started a total of 2$ would have been added (0.033$ a minute).

An example:

Say, you want to make a price structure that looks like this:

First hour: 4.00$.
Second hour: 3.00$
Third hour and there after: 2.50$

You press the + and the New fixed price setup box appears.
In the Begin after: x min you write 1 min, this will determine the starting price from minute on to the next configuration.

For this setup, don’t write anything in the Add to bill box. In the New hourly rate box you write 4$, that way, an amount will be charged pr minute that after one hour have a total of 4$.
When this is done, click ok. Now the pricing is set to every hour there will be charged a total of 4$.

To make the second hour 3$ click + again. In the Begin after: x min we now write 61 minutes (an hour after session started). This will make the pricing structure change after the first hour played. Again you write nothing in the Add to bill box. In the New hourly rate, you write the amounted wanted for the second hour, in this case 3$. When this is done, click ok.

We repeat this, with the exceptions that in the Begin after: x min we now write 121 minutes (2 hours after session start) and in the New hourly rate you write 2.5$.
From now one it charges a total of 2.5$ after each hour.

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