How to Setup Game License Management

Screencast: Smartlaunch License Management

The license management feature in Smartlaunch works like a pool of game licenses that the Client computers can pull from. It allows you to manage and distribute licenses to your client computers from the server and thereby preventing a game or program from having more users than you have licenses for.

In a store where you don’t use Smartlaunch, you would normally need one copy of a game for each computer that should be able to run that game.

Normally, with each copy of a game,  a username and password are required to launch the game with the game’s launcher. This is in effect is your license. If you use the license management feature of Smartlaunch, you only need as many copies of the game, as you think there might be simultaneous players of that game, in your store, at any moment in time.

So let’s say that you have a store with 50 computers, but you know from experience, that would at maximum only be 5 customers who would be playing Need for Speed at the same time. So instead of buying 50 copies of Need for Speed, you only buy 5.

You then install the game on all computers and enter the 5 pairs of usernames and passwords in the license-management setup screen in the server. Then whenever a customer launches the game, the client computer requests a license (a username/password) from the pool of 5 licenses.

If a license is available (that is if one or more licenses are not in use by another client) the game will launch as normal, but if there are no free licenses, the customer will get a notice, that the game cannot be launched at this time because there are no free licenses. When one of the other customers who is using the licenses then exits the game, the other customer will be able to run the game.

The licenses management feature is in effect a great tool for you to save money on game copies for your store.

Adding a game/program to the license manager

1. Go to the Application Management tab in the Smartlaunch Server, and then choose License Management.

2. Press the Add Button to add a new set of licenses.

3. You can either choose one of the many pre-configured setups in Smartlaunch where you just need to type in your usernames and passwords or your serial keys, or you can choose to configure your setup manually.

4. If you choose a pre-configured setup, simply type in your serials for the designated game. When you have entered all the licenses you wish to add, press Ok.

An example of a serial key

To insert the serial key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx into battlefield 1942 press the Click Here button.

Then choose the Action Games banner and then Battlefield 1942.

Click the Add button and enter the serial key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

Manual Setup

To set up manually, click on the Setup Manually button.

  1. Start by typing the name of the game in the first textbox, after that you will have to choose if the game you are adding stores its license using a simple registry key. If it is not using a simple registry key, you may have to create a custom batch file for that game that handles the import/export of the license to the game.
  2. If you choose Executable, then you will have to fill in two text boxes. The first one is called Executable path and here you type the path to the batch or .exe file that you use, this can for example be: C:\Bat\MyGame_license.bat
  3. The second textbox is for passing arguments or parameters to the executable or batch file, if you want to add the value of the licenses you are adding, write this in the textbox: %license%
  4. The value of the license you add will then be passed to the executable or batch file. If you choose the Registry key, you will have to specify the exact path to where in the Windows Registry the cd-key is stored.Finding out how a game stores its cd-key, and knowing how to import/export it can be very difficult. If you have a problem with the game you are trying to add, and you cannot find it in the list, always make sure that you update Smartlaunch to acquire the latest license solutions. If the license solution still can not be found, contact Smartlaunch Support and request a solution.