How to Charge for Prints

Print Monitoring is a powerful feature in Smartlaunch that lets
you for every page that a customer prints.

3 Steps to Setup Print Monitoring:

1. Add a network printer in the Server / Administrator

2. Enable print monitoring in the Server / Administrator

3. Add the network printer to each Client PC

1. Setup a network printer in SL Server/Administrator

1. Connect the printer to the Server/Administrator PC and any corresponding drivers.

3. Once installation completes, do a Test Print to ensure it is able to print.

4. Open Devices and Printers from the Control Panel

5. In this example we use HP Laserjet 1100 Series printer. Choose the printer and right-click on the printer >> Printer Properties.

6. Shere the selected printer. Right-click on the selected printer >> Printer properties >> Choose “Sharing” tab >> fill in the share name for example “HP”

7. Choose the “Port” tab to make sure it is a virtual printer port

8. Once the printer is installed and shared properly you will notice the icon of the printer has changed.

9. Turn on printer sharing in the Control Panel under Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Advanced sharing settings

2. Enable print monitoring in the Server / Administrator

Smartlaunch has a built-in printing monitoingr, which can charge customers’ print jobs automatically. You can find the printer monitor setup in the Financial Setup -> Printing Prices tab in the Smartlaunch Server Settings.

  1. Under Select Printer, choose the printer you want to monitor.
  2. Enable it by checking Monitor this printer.
  3. Choose the product, which should be added to a customer’s bill

Note – The printer you choose to monitor must be connected directly to the Server / Administrator.

To learn about how to Add printers to each client PC, read the guide How To Connect the Client PC to a Shared Network Printer.