Inventory Management

Stock control is an important feature if you want to keep track of your stock and monitor and when you need to order new products for your stock. This utility holds information about the current stock level of every product added to the stock control feature. If a product reaches the specified limit an email can be sent out to notify the person responsible for ordering new products.

The stock control is accessible from the Utilities menu.

The Stock Control window displays the list of products that is monitored by the stock control. You can change the current level of a selected product by in- or decrease with the controls on the left. You can specify the alert limit in the fields just below.

Exporting The List

If you need a list of the products you need to order home a new load, you can export the stock list and use it in for instance Excel.

  1. Click the Export panel on the left.
  2. Choose what fields you want to be included
  3. Specify the name of the exported file
  4. Press Export