Lock Account After User Logout


Lock Account After User Logout is one of the feature available in Smartlaunch Server. As Admin you have an option to activate or deactivate this feature from Smartlaunch Server. If you activate this feature it means every time user logout from Smartlaunch Client his/her account will automatically lock from Smartlaunch.

How to lock account after user logout?

Please follow steps below to activate this feature:

1. Open Smartlaunch Server >> General Settings >> User Groups.

2. Choose specific user group and click Edit, example Members

Image1. UserGroups

3. Under tab General there is a Lock Account‘s checkbox. Please click this checkbox if you want to activate this feature. If it is checked it means you are agree to lock account every time user log out.

Image2. Lock Account Option

4. Click OK to save the change.

If you have any questions or issue about this feature please contact [email protected]