Lock Screen – Server/Client

What is the Lock Screen?

The Lock Screen feature temporarily locks the client’s screen while the customer steps away from the computer:

Note: RED text means it can be changed in server settings — in this guide, defaults are shown



This can be accessed via Server by:

Settings >> Client Computers >> Welcome/Lock Screen >> Lock Screen (tab):

By default, the Lock Screen is disabled. There are many ways to customize this screen:

To preview the lock screen, click the Preview Lock Screen button. There will be a Close button at the top-right to prevent locking yourself out during the preview. This will not be shown in the actual lock screen the client sees.



This can be accessed by the client computer directly by Pause key, by default (alternately, the CTRL+ALT+L, or CTRL+SHIFT+L keys, defined in Server Settings). If a temporary password is set, the screen below will first show:

After inputting a temporary password (alternately, OPTIONAL password, NO password, or CLIENT password) that the client chooses,

the screen will then lock with 95% opacity with no background (alternately, pictures or web URL).

Upon locking, the unlock input will display in the middle of the screen:

After unlocking the station with the correct password, the lock screen disappears and everything returns to normal. If a password it not required, only the “Unlock” button will display.



  1. The temporary password is useful if you want other people to be able to lock the screen for them, or if people often forget their passwords (say, primary login is fingerprint). This can also be useful for administrators that want to restrict a computer quickly or only for a certain guest. There are numerous creative ways to utilize this feature.
  2. Lock without a password is nice for just a boost of security without being overkill about it.