Managing Accounts

The Account Management window in Smartlaunch is a useful tool for viewing and managing information about user accounts. This window can be accessed by double-clicking on a user account or computer in the graphical overview.

The Account Management window consists of several different sections, including the Current Session, Money Deposited, Bill, and Personal Details.

Current Session

In the Current Session section, you can view information about the user’s current session, including the amount of money deposited and a list of products related to the session.

Personal Details

The Personal Details section provides information about the user, such as their name and contact information. You can edit this information by clicking the “Edit” button.

Account Options

The Account Options section allows you to view and manage details related to the user’s account, such as their user group and credit limit.

You can also add notes and other information to the user’s account, and view the user’s session history and personal log.