Monitoring Processes/Games (Advanced)

One of Smartlaunch’s advanced features is the process monitoring feature, which allows you to keep track of which games and programs your customers are using.
This is great to e.g. understand which games are most popular, and which games to make promotions for or maybe even sell.

In some cases, you might have games which launch processes like “Launcher.exe”.
Smartlaunch then monitors this process, and waits for it to exit.
Now in some cases this process launches a second process, let’s call it “Patcher.exe”, to e.g. check for updates.

For Smartlaunch to be able to monitor this, you need to tell it which processes to keep track of.
You can do this in the Server -> Applications -> Edit -> Additional -> “Wait for Processes to Close”.

Here you can then type in a semicolon separated list of processes to monitor.
Important: In some cases Windows cannot identify the processes if you use the extensions, so it is recommended to list the process names without the extensions.

E.g. in the above case, we simply fill in the following into the field:

Now Smartlaunch knows that the game is still running, as long as there are two processes running with these names.

Hope that helps – just had a customer with this exact question, so I though I’d share it here 🙂